This is the home on the Web for all the members of the LoveLee tribe—well, as many as care to participate—and we hope a place where many friends will also visit.

Why LoveLee?

Not very complicated. My family name is Love. When I married Terri, her name at the time was Lee. So together we are LoveLee.

The LoveLee Times

Soon after we married in 1982 we began doing what many families did in that era—using a PC to edit a newsletter and send it via postal mail to our friends. We called the Newsletter The LoveLee Times and our friends seemed to like it. We tried to target a significant time of the year such as the Jewish New Year, but due to the pressures of school and work, it always seemed to linger until the secular New Year. One of my goals for this Web site is to put all those issues up as something of a historical record of where we've been.

The new media format of blog makes it much easier for us to keep everyone informed. Doesn't mean we'll actually do it, of course, but now I can add an entry any time I want from just about any location. And speaking of New Media, you can interact with us via the blog—please just leave us comments or links to your own web sites and blogs.

Where Do We Go From Here?

This is just the cover sheet for our Web. We'll be listing good or important links in the column to your left. For now, I hope you'll find the LoveLee family blog worth clicking from time to time. Another link you'll find there is to Learn Classical Hebrew—as time goes on, I hope this will become a primary focus of my attention. I say "as time goes on" because there's not very much there yet.

So that's it for now—but as I like to say these days, Mo' latuh!

— Jack Love, 7/26/2009